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My B12 ordeal
Aug 21, 2007
Hi guys
I found this forum interesting. especially people sharing their B12 experiences as i myself was diagnosed with deficiency 3 months back. I am 25 years old male. My problems started about 7 months back when i first started experiencing strange things link tightness in chest and with it breathing difficulty and a strange feel that something is just wrong with the body but can't figure out what. went to doc , ran a few test but everything OK. things got a little better for a while but then i started having severe stomach problems after meals just can't explain it what it was like had an endoscopy but nothing showed up. then i was slowly engulfed by anxiety and depression along with severe sort of headaches which just won't go away and dizziness. sometimes i felt as if i was passing out. My health was really getting down. My doc was attributing everthing to stress and anxiety which i doubted. slowly the incredible fatigue crept in at one point it was difficult to me to walk a few steps. Also i had numbness of arms and legs as well as tingling, muscular spasms and twitching all over my body. It was getting increasingly difficult for me to concentrate was very confused and had difficulty doing small things. This all went on for about 4 months when out of frustration i changed my docs and thanks god the new one was good enough to order a B12 test. it came back low at 180 pg/ml.
I am on B12 injections for the past 3 months methylcobalamin 500mcg each. First the first 2 months they were twice a week and now weekly. i am better than i was before but still have my problems. The most disturbing thing is the weakness in the body. The body just simply doesn't have enough energy to do much. Also balance is not that great as well. How long do you think it will take for me to recover fully and regain my strength any advice and sharing of experience will be great. I just want to be back to goog old days as quickly as possible. do you ever get back to as you were before after this? my doc isn't of much help in this regard.


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