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Re: B 12 Anemia
Aug 27, 2007
Hello to you both.

I do have PA along with celiac and have been on shots every two weeks since July of last year. Here is some information that I discovered in the process.

During the final stages of B12 anemia your bone marrow is damaged and you in turn cannot produce red blood cells. During this stage the anemia show as blood loss. Good news you didn't get that symptom.

As far as feeling better it took 6 months before I really noticed a big improvement and then around the 13th month I felt most like myself again. It seems to depend on how long you have suffered from this condition as well as how long it takes to get your numbers back up. Each cell in your body has to regenerate with the B12 vitamin before I can become healthy again. Your central nervous system takes nearly a year to recover.

I was that small % that reacted in the 400 range. When I started my # was 337 after 6 months I was just shy of 600. I was a full year into shots before I reached almost 800, and that for me was the turning point.

I took 4,000% of the daily requirement for 5 weeks and in just that short time the symptoms I had increased horribly - I couln't go anywhere without and escort. Since I am unable to absorb B12 my levels were dropping by about 100 points a month - had I waited the 3 months like the one doctor said I don't think I would be here today.

I am curious as to why your doctor hasn't ordered the blood test for PA. It is very simple test and takes about 2 weeks to get the results and well worth not having the symptoms increase again.

Good luck to you both.

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