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B 12 Anemia
Aug 26, 2007
I was recently diagnosted with B 12 anemia, my level had gotten down to 101 before it was discovered. I have taken shot and the sublingal B12 tablet. My Dr. siad he would retest for the B 12 levels 3 months after the shots to see if the tablets were maintaining and building my levels. I assume if they are not I'm in for another round of shots.

My question is how long does it take for the B 12 levels to go up? I'm still tired most of the time, but the weak, loss of appetite and some of the other symptoms have gone away so I feel like my level has gone up. But I'm just wondering how long before they will be even close to the what the Dr considers normal around 600?

I know that low B 12 involves the red blood cells and when I was sick last week the Dr checked my red blood cell count and it was 12.7 which the normal range in 13.0 so he was not concerned since he felt like the low B 12 would cause this but since the red blood cell count it almost normal would that indicate that my B 12 level is getting back to normal?

Also, during the whole process I lost 15 pounds, which was good for me then but at this point I just want to maintain my weight, however, my question since I lost the weight and my B 12 is low it seems my blood pressure had gone down, it was boarder line high before. Does low B12 help the blood pressure or could it be the weight loss that did that?

Any help is greatly appericated as I tired of feeling tired.


Re: B 12 Anemia
Aug 27, 2007
Hi, Melissa. I am by no means an expert on B12 anemia (pernicious anemia), but I was diagnosed with B12 deficiency seven weeks ago and have been getting cyano B12 injections since. I tried the sublingual methyl B12 tablets but I didnít think they helped me at all, so I stopped taking them. Iím not sure what you mean by your red blood cell count being within normal limits, but every blood test Iíve had has come out within ďnormalĒ limits, yet I still have symptoms of B12 deficiency and am being treated for it. (Five to ten percent of people with a B12 reading between 200 and 400 have symptoms.) My B12 was 329 initially (range 200-1100 pg/mL); I donít know what it is now after seven weeks. I too lost 15 pounds. My recovery has been full of ups and downs. One day I might feel like 85% of my former self and the next I might feel 65%. I havenít been able to work, though I keep trying. I have more than fatigue; some of my symptoms are just downright scary. Just when I think Iím on the road to recovery, I feel like crap again. But Iíve read that itís common to start to feel better from about three to six months after treatment begins. Itís important to get loading doses of B12, which in the US (donít know where you are) with cyano B12 is typically one injection a day for seven days, then one injection a week for a month, then one injection a month for life. If you live outside of the US, some countries us hydroxo B12 and the loading schedule is different. If you donít get loading doses, recovery will be much slower. There is an informative site on pernicious anaemia (note spelling) in the UK that has tons of information. As far as blood pressure, Iíve always had low blood pressure and it seems to be even lower now. I donít know if thatís a result of the deficiency or the treatment. I hope this helps.

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