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New macrocytosis???
Aug 27, 2007
Hi everyone. I have a long story. I have been sick for 1 1/2 yrs. STarted with fatigue and then low grade fevers then night sweats. Had an enlarged lymph node removed and it was benign. Symtptoms kept getting worse.
Hospitalized last year for pounding heart and falling down dizzy. I just had a bone marrow biopsy b/c they worry about the fevers ect. Benign.
Dx with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Thyroid problems. Had a new blood draw a couple of days ago and the doc called to say this macrocytosis. I looked it up and it sounds like possibly PA.
I am really sick. I have lost a lot of my life. Just knowing I may have an answer is amazing. I too have the achiness, fatigue, muscle spams all over entire body, feet tingles ect. Nervousness.
My question is why out of all of at least 25 blood tests over almost a two year span did this not get caught????? My doc is having me do a b12 and folate test this wed. But I think this may really be the answer this time.

Has anyone had lymph nodes swell as well. If not maybe that was somthing secondary to the anemia. At times I can't drive. Or I'll feel it coming on and I have to go. I start shaking and feel like I am going to pass out.

Does macrocytosis mean I do have PA?????
ANy help would be so appreciated. I am really hurting!!! Did I mention brain fog and noooo memory????

Help, Deena

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