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I have been dealing with strange symptoms (very tired all the time, episodes of extreme exhaustion, dizzy/light headed, eye pressure feeling w/ blurriness, ringing in the ears, strange twitches, no sex drive, chest pressure, dull headaches, balance issues, body aches and pains, night sweats and hot flashes, diarrhea with bouts of constipation, stuffy/popping ears, heart palpatations, depression and anxiety/depression, memory and concentration are gone, confused with difficulty making desisions). I decided to go visit a endo dr. after seeing a cardiologist & gastro. The cardiologist found PVCs (palpitations - otherwise, healthy heart) Gastro found GERD & berretts and put me on nexium (been on it 2 years). Well 2 months ago the symptoms above got a lot worse, so in comes the endocrinologist and blood test after blood test.

My blood test came back:

testosterone - total: 222 ng/dl
testosterone - free 47.9 pg/mL

FSH - 2.9 miu/ml
LH 4.8 miu/ml
prolactin 9.3 ng/ml
t-4 free 1.8 ng/dl
tsh (3rd gen) 1.52 miu/L

triglycerides 210
HDL 46
LDL 153

B12 - 262 pg/ml
folate21 ng/ml
Vitamin D 25-OH Total - 29 ng/ml
Vitamin D 25-OH D3 - 29 ng/ml
Vitamin D 25-OH D2 - <4 ng/ml

I feel like a old man with nothing but a health mess and I am only 32
The dr. wants to start vitamin d now and do more b12 testing. My question is why the low T and Low vitamin levels. Are they connected?

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