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glad2bamom--Welcome to the boards! You will find a lot of information and many people with plenty to share.

First, I'd like to tell you that I have never heard a story like yours on here (unless I just missed the post) with so many symptoms on oral iron. I've heard many things about IV and bad reactions, even reactions to oral iron, but not someone with many multiple symptoms such as yours.

I had a very similar thing happen to with even more symptoms. The difference is, you were smart enough to stop your iron. I was too scared not to take it because my hgb was 8.5 and the doctor said, blood transfusion at a 7, I also had a 2 Ferritin.

I was on FERRIS SULFATE 3X daily. Within 2 days I became very ill with diarrhea that lasted 3 months and lost 15 pounds. Kept going back to the doctor, he said that this is not a symptom of anemia so I stayed on the iron. I went to the ER, that doc said this is an "ER" and you have an ongoing problem and sent me home with a CBC. Finally, my husband faxed a copy of my labs to his GI and he saw me right away because of the blood issue. This doctor changed my iron to Poly iron 150mgs 2X daily it's easier on the GI system. I was DX with enteritis and like I said, had it for 3 mo's. This with all your other symptoms although, the headaches were just in the beginning for a short while. Later, I went on to have one sided facial and hand numbness with blurred vision, only on left side that came on from neck spasms.

The GI doctor said that I should stop the iron and start shots. He said that he would show my husband how to give them. He also gave my (Cholestramine) SP to help the enteritis??? That week I became so ill from this new medicine and had to stop it too. We called back and asked when can I start shots, I needed iron. The doctor called me at home and said that he was not the "iron guy" and that he never said he would show us how. He told me I need to see another doctor. He even went as far as to say I'm not blowing you off, but I won't take the risk of giving you anymore iron. My practice is full I don't need this.

Then I proceeded to a Hematologist. I thought yes, finally, I will get help that I so desperately need. He just put me back on the oral as before. After ~some~ symptoms subsided I was able to handle this iron.

It has been around 8 mo's now and I am no longer anemic but my Ferritin was 9 last time I checked. Yesterday, I had this checked again and should get results soon I hope.

The doctors early on said it was iron, but I'm on this iron now and take it on an empty stomach and I'm fine with it. I don't think that they really know all the symptoms that Ferritin and Anemia have. Of course this gives me extreme anxiety when I have to see a doctor. I didn't have much luck. I saw a neuro yesterday for the neck portion and he thinks since I getting better that it's great. Basically everything had been ruled out for diseases. I keep responding to iron and am feeling much better these days.

I suggest that you try another iron soon. It can get ugly if your not on any replacement therapy. Many people have different reactions and try until they find something that works for them. You would also benefit from a good Multivitamin, it helps you to build your body back up.

PICA is what I read on the net and told my doctor as well. I think we have similar stories however, not exactly the same.

Any questions, just ask away and someone will help you! Good luck and feel better soon. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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