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Hello there everyone! This is my first time posting to a message board about this and I am hoping that I might find someone who has had a similar experience to me.
About a month ago I went for a visit to my GP and mentioned casually at the end of the visit that I have a habit of chewing ice. He stopped dead in his tracks and said that is called Pica and he wanted to run some blood tests. The results came back showing that I was severely anemic with my iron at a 17 and the rest of the results showing no red blood cell production at all. He wanted me to take 325 mg. of iron 3X a day and come back in a week. I kind of laughed about it, surprised that I was so anemic because I felt great! I filled the presctiption and started taking my iron the next day and about 24 hrs. later I felt like I had been hit by a train. Headaches, extreme fatigue, forgetfullness, achy, head-in-a-cloud, no appetite... pretty much just awful. Motrin, or tylenol wouldn't help the headache and as a mom with 3 kids, the fatigue never let up. Without fail, everytime I have taken my iron for the past month, ten minutes later I have a headache followed by the rest of the not-so-fun symptoms. My GP said that he has never heard of someone reacting to iron like this and he couldn't understand why I felt so good before. That's it. He put me back to two times a day "if tollerated" and once a day at min. After being in three times to try and get some help from him, thinking that this is not a normal way to feel, I have asked him for a referral to a hematologist. And I have stopped taking my iron as of two days ago and I am starting to feel my energy come back and my head come out of this cloud.
Please! If there is anyone who has had a similar experience, let me know. I would rather be anemic than feel as awful as I did on my iron supplements.

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