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My doctor has been following my blood work for a few months, based on symptoms I was having that were suspicious (hair loss, lightheadness, fatigue, ice cravings -the fatigue was manifesting into frustration, short temper and moodiness with my kids). I am taking 325 mg supplement every night, with Vitamin C and B complex. I am feeling somewhat better, a little more energy, but still not totally myself yet.

He is sending me to a hemotologist because he is stumped as to why my WBC is lowered as well. here are my latest #'s that are out of the normal range:

WBC 3.5 (4.2-10.8 reference)
HGB 11.7 (12.0-16.0)
RDW 17.8 (11.5-14.5)
MPV: 6.9 (7.4-10.4)

My Ferritin came up from a 4 in June to a 15 after a month of iron supplementation

Can anyone help me interpret this while I wait a month to get in with the hemo dr.?

I am also having achiness in my arms and legs after I exercise, but I am running and lifting weights, which I am very happy I am able to do!

I had pneumonia in the spring, and I think he thinks this is leftover rebound from being ill. I am 34 years old and otherwise in great health, so this is all really confusing to me.



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