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Hi. I was diagnosed with anemia exactly a year ago. My PCP had lots of tests to determine the cause: upper & lower GI series, CT scan, occult blood. All those came back fine. He then concluded my anemia was from heavy periods so I had an endometrial ablation. That was 5 months ago and my iron levels have continued to drop.

So, I am scheduled to see a hematologist on Thursday. I know this is a logical next step but it bothering me a bit because he is in a cancer center. I know it doesn't mean anything...but it is kind of psyching me out, know what I mean?

In the mean time, my symptoms are getting worse almost daily. I am so tired...I could sleep for 12+ hours and still wake up exhausted. My heart races when I walk up the 21 steps from my laundry room to my bedroom. And my PCP took me off Zantac so my stomach hurts and I can't sleep because of the reflux. I feel like I'm just barely surviving.

What should I expect from the hematologist appointment? More tests? Or will he try some treatments immediately? I am tired of being tired so I wish he'd just look at my chart and give me the magical answer that corrects everything.

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