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Hi FLFLowergirl!,
Thanks for the post. From what I've been told, Gluten sensitivity is kind of like a scale from 1 to 10, Celiac being the extreme where you can have an immediate allergic reaction to Gluten. I feel "flu-like" when I eat any gluten by accident. This is all fairly new to me...ever since my Campylobacter infection in February, my symptoms have become much worse. Campylobacter is a nasty bacteria which causes extreme diahhera, dehydration and bleeding from the intestines. It was almost the end of me because my system was already compromised by a dysfunctional digestive tract.

My own Dr didn't want to give me injections and kept giving me pills. I didn't take them because of the distress on my system and I was too afraid to speak up. So I kept getting sicker. Then by fluke, another problem sent me to my Dr.s office, only he was away, and the replacement Dr was a young female Dr., full of vim and vigor and she went ahead and prescribed iron injections. I thought...DIVINE INTERVENTION!!!

I know it will still take some time to build up my Iron and Iron stores but I finally feel that I am being treated in a way that makes sense and that will put me on the road to recovery. I have been told that often Dr.s don't want to give injectons because they worry about patients being allergic but I think they go to far. Being "blood poor" just takes away Quality of Life. If they could only feel what we feel.

I hope you keep pushing and get the help you need. I will be getting a shot once a week until my ferritin level improves. I will keep you posted.
Thanks:) Georgi

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