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Hi everybody! I wasn't on this board for a few days and I see the highly entertaining and of course serious topic of colonoscopy continues. My doc's nurse called the osmoprep in - so no problem there. Christine I cannot thank you enough- the other stuff they gave me the fleets stuff just spooked the heck out of me , so now I can feel that I am going to take the stuff that is easiest on the system.
Nyxie- Thinking of you and hoping all goes well. Looking forward to your installment.
The pressing gas out of you afterwards, well that's a new detail in the story. I wonder if they will do that . Still not looking forward to any of this except for sharing my experience.Colonoscopy though is scheduled now for 4 weeks out.
I am 55 post meno pausal and have osteoporosis- serious bummer. I am being treated for this . In my research, I saw mention that some scholarly studies have been done on thepossible role that iron deficiency may have in weakening the bones. So- I am sure that further studies need to be done, it sounded somewhat preliminary. Yet, I wanted to post with what could be another reason for us to be sure to get this iron thing right. The more I learn about iron deficiency and its wide ranging effects on us the more amazed I am. As a vegetarian , I see how it was a near impossibility for me to get adequate iron and I should have been supplementing.
I recently took a book out of the library entitled Food & Mood by Elizabeth Somer M.A.,R.D. It is really well done, a good balance between scholarly and readable. There is so much good info there.The book was published in 1995.So back then, she said everyone , esp pre menopausal women, should watch their iron status. Serum ferritin is best indicator, but docs don't test for it so you must be your own health advocate and request a test be done. I wish I had read this book years ago.

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