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Hi folks- Back in March the doc wanted to get my ferritin level up. It was at 38 not so low as some here for sure. Anyway between slow fe and regular release I moved up to 47. But I don't want to eat meat or eat fortifed cereals- so I am thinking maybe I should first get the ferritin retested. I haven't taken ferrous sulfate for about 6wks. now. If I am going lower I am thinking of a low 18mg dose. I have read that ferrous gluconate is more easily tolerated. But I recall reading here either ferrous gluconate or ferrous fumarate was bothering people. Any opinions out there on the gluconate or fumarate??
I did have an endoscopy- no prob. I am going to have my colonoscopy this fall YUCK!!!!I don't want to drink the fleet's prep- others here have said it is hideous. My doc did not offer osmo prep that some wrote about here as being ok. I think the fleets would make me gag and vomit it up from what I have read here. Maybe that's another thread. Anyway I will ask the doc about osmo prep and might even consider another doc if he won't allow it.I still think the moderately low ferritin is dietary but I guess I need this checked out. I am 54 and am told it's a good idea anyway at my age.
Osteoblast--I have ~read~heme, meat source, Ferrous types, of iron, are far more effectively absorbed.

Ferrous Gluconate and Ferrous Fumerate were rated as good choices but Ferrous Fumarate had the highest absorbent rate, 3X that of F-Sulfate.

I take a prenatal vitamin and get 28 mg of Ferrous Fumerate, this is in 2 pills a day, if I separate them I don't feel it. If I take two together, it bothers me. I would also give the Ferrous Fumerate a try.

I finally got my Ferritin to #20 as of last week! I'm so pleased. I went from
9-20 in 4 weeks, I guess because my Hgb is normal now. I also take Poly Iron 150 X2. I hope I don't rust!

Everything that you said about the Fleet Prep is CORRECT! Especially if you are sensitive. Good luck with your iron. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
Q.: Are you pregrant or just taking the prenatals out of choice?

A.: No, not preg. my sister had GB SX and my cousin, they insist that I take these. My Hematologist said to get on a good vitamin with my iron supplements.

Q.: What is polyiron? I haven't heard of that.

A.: PolyIron 150 is a (polysaccharide iron complex) This is the generic name, PIC. My GI doc gave it to me 150 X2. You also (don't) have to take C with it. The Ferrous Sulfate made me burn up to my throat. This doesn't give any S/E other than a little IBS IF I eat TOO much veg at one meal. I have learned to balance meals with carbs to avoid this problem. Very easy to take, it really works. I think all high doses of iron cause problems to some extent. Mine is a RX but it is also OTC, under Generic name or Nu Iron 150 or just ask for it.

Q.: Were you taking the polyiron and the fumerate at the same time to get the results that you did, I am not clear on that from what you wrote.

A.: Yes, I AM on BOTH. Have only been on PerNats for 2 mo's. Before that I was on a Mulit-Vit (cheap) 1 mo. not alot of good stuff in it. I noticed a great difference with prenats. At first they bothered me, I took 2 at a time then and had to seperate the dose. One at a time feels fine X2 daily.

I believe that I got these results because I was finally able to get my Hgb up to the chart. I took 1X and my blood would drop weekly. When I was able to take Poly iron 2X a day on an empty stomach, my Hgb would climb 2 points each month. Then it finally started going to storage. I don't think it had much to do with the vitamin. It helps to build healthy blood cells I was told. It may have helped I really couldn't tell on this one since it is my first time for my Ferritin to go up. Also, I must add that I had an Ablation in June. BUT I think it is the amount of iron because in the beginning I took 2X and it went up 2 points per mo. with periods!

Q.: Ok so you too say that fleet's is the height of disgusting. Are you too saying the osmo prep is the way to go??

A.: I threw up half the second day. I would give ANYTHING else a try before Fleet Prep. I would try the OSMO Prep. if possible.
Christine- Yes, the story did go downhill. It does seem you must have had a reaction to something. When I had my endoscopy -it was totally smooth sailing , and as I said my stomach is touchy. I just came to didn't even realize I was out and was just awake. My bp was going down , down and they gave me some apple juice and then a second apple juice and it came up. No nausea what so ever.Clarity was just restored.
Wow,being awake during the colonoscopy. That is almost too much. You sure are a good trooper. To feel ok with the whole thing considering the turn it all took.I know you say you felt nothing yet....You are braver than I am.

Oh , when I had the endoscopy I told the doc about my queasy stomach and easy nausea . He said well then we will use fentanyl (spelling?) I had zero reaction to this. I am going to need to ask for this again.

Now about the iron. As I said initially mine was 38, not so low as compared to many. It got up to 54 and last blood test was at 52. It took 3 months to make the improvement. I started with slow fe one time a day. Then moved to just ferrous sulfate 325mg one time a day. When it was 52 doc said just stop. But, now I have pushed him on this because if I eat as I want to I just don't get iron - I don't eat meat or fortified cereals. So, this is why I am going to do a daily 18mg iron either fumarate or gluconate.The doc doesn't have an opinion on which to use. You said it was fumarate in your flintstones and you don't have a problem. Are you going to try any stronger measures. I have seen your name at the thyroid board as well. I take synthroid and noticed when my iron was higher the labs looked better on both the free t3 and t4. Plus my hemoglobin and hematocrit were on the low end when iron low and then bumped up a little bit with the better ferritin level. I just don't want to have to do a big dose again, it really screwed up by synthroid dosing.

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