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As with anything, we're all individuals and will react to certain things differently. For me personally, i first began taking over the counter iron pills which naturally constipated me and seem to constipate most people. I then bought another over the counter iron supplement in liquid form. This didn't cause any side effects and was quite pleasant to take, but the only problem with this was that the dosage was so low and i wasnt getting anywhere fast with it. Later on my dr told me i could triple the dosage if i wanted without any adverse health problems occuring. The problem is that when you buy something you naturally follow the dosage off the instructions and you dont know whether it's ok to double or triple the dosage or not.

I then found a new doctor who gave me a supplement which was formulated in conjunction with a few doctors and it was of a high dosage and quite strong, which led to upset stomach and irritable bowel. Later he got me taking an 'organic' iron supplement along with it which ended the IBS symptoms, but my ferretin was taking it's time moving up. As my thyroid was somewhat affected by my low ferretin levels my dr then moved me to iron injections as he didn't want my thyroid to become complicated any further.

Yesterday i had a fresh blood test and will find out next week what my results are. I feel so much better after the injections. I don't know what exactly caused my ferretin to gradually drop so low. If my levels dont stay up this time round they will investigate possible reasons and do further tests.

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