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My mother used to eat cornstarch when she was pregnant, so i've always loved the taste. However, over the course of this summer I have eaten atleast 6 boxes. It's a real addiction too. When I don't have any cornstarch, I eat ice. The ice will hold me over for a while, but it's only so long before I get cranky craving cornstarch!lol! Try saying that ten times! So what does my anemia have to do with my addiction and how do i fix the addiction. Oh and does anyone know if eating cornstarch is bad for my health, or how eating ice is bad for my teeth?
My Hematologist tried to explain this to me and I didn't grasp what he said but the main idea. He said that it is related back to caveman times like it is a natural way to replace what you are not getting. I know that's a bad explanation but it's better than none at all. I had PICA for ice only. The doctors asked me if I ate anything else. They also told me as if I didn't know that eating ice is bad for you teeth. I can tell you that shortly after I began high does iron supplements that it went away very quickly. Now, I NEVER eat ice. I have heard that eating things like cornstarch is not a healthy thing but don't know exactly what it does to your body. What does your doctor say? FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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