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[QUOTE=kyahsmomma;3205911]i am 30 years old and had gastric bypass 4 years ago. The last year I have had several health issues pop up but this is by far the most baffling of all. I went in for regular blood work and was told my iron level was a 7. so i did the 3 months of iron pills 2 times a day and i still dropped to a 6. i then had a endoscopy and colonoscopy done and was told everything looked ok that there was no internal bleeding, however, they think the doc who did the bypass took out too much intestines, therefor I can not absorb iron at all. so now they are talking about bi weekly iron infusions for the rest of my life since i will never be able to absorb iron again. they told me that I am no longer producing new red blood cells thus my bone marrow is getting none. does anyone have any indight to this at all???????????????PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!![/QUOTE]

Well I am in the same stage just that I have never had a gastric bypass. My iron level went down to a 3 a my ferritin level was in the neg. Right now I have a PICC line in my arm. Well a cather which I have to go to the clinic every morning to get iron injected through the PICC line. It is helping my a lot I used to eat ice all day and now I have had about 10 treatments and 6 more to go and I think that I am getting better. Maybe you need to go see a hematology. He helped me right away. My anemia is doe to having heavy cycle bleeding. And I am schedule to have a novasure procedure on Feb 5 2008 to stop the heavy cycle. maybe you want to talk to an gyn if your cycles are heavy. It took me many years to find this out. But hay I am trying to get things together I did not have any strength but I have some now. I am begining to act like a 31 year old person now. Good luck;)

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