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I too am confused as to whether the 'dark eye' issue is thyroid or anemia/low iron as both illnesses share a lot of the same symptoms. The fact that my eyes where puffy is what caught the attention of a few medical people as people with thyroid issues can have puffy or bulging or combination of both type eyes. What bothered me was that before i began the iron injections i got so bad that my entire eyeballs actualy hurt and if i touched around my upper eye lids my eyeballs felt swollen and often i would get that burning eye sensation when i closed my lids. I got to the point i wanted to simply take my eyeballs out and sit them in a cool glass of water!!

Now after the injections i still have slightly puffy eyes and darkish circles, but not as bad as before the injections. I will be 41 in Dec so do know that part of it is likely age related.

FLFLOWERS, you said that you take Synthroid but that your hair shedding is improving. I was just curious as i was doing a bit of research and read that some people who are on Synthroid end up with hair loss due to this medication as it's a side effect for some people or some long term users and that some users feel better on a drug which is a combination of T3 and T4, instead of just T4 which i think it said Synthroid was. It is odd that a certain drug is supposed to make you feel better and even help a symptom such as hair loss but an actual side effect of the medication can cause hair loss in some people.

I also read that taking evening primrose oil was of benefit for people who had hypothyroidism as the symptoms are similar to people who lack essential fatty acids in their system. The evening primprose oil is supposed to help with the hair loss symptom in particular. I thought it couldn't do much harm to add EPO so am adding that to my daily diet and we'll see whether there is any difference in perhaps 3 months or so. I have come across people on the Healthboard who highly recommend taking supplements with Omega 3's and 6's, saying it has helped their skin, hair and nails to no end.

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