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[QUOTE=dan-girls;3209002]The doctor said his iron level is rising but his ferritin is at 8. What is the normal range for a man? What can he do to help this situation? The doctor wants him to see a blood doctor. I am anxious, any responses will be appreciated.


My Ferritin range is 13-150 for lab values. But I am female. I think I remember reading that it goes to 300 for some labs. My husband has HH and I think this is where they wanted to get his Ferritin down to 300. Don't know if it was the lab or the doctor. He doesn't collect labs as I do so I can't tell you exactly. I don't think it matters too much what the range is right now, just that your husband gets his Ferritin back up to normal range levels to where he feels good again.

Seeing a Hematologist (blood doc) is his best bet due to his circumstance. The doctor might order IV to fill stores or just give high dose iron supplements first to see if he can repair the anemia and Ferritin orally. This is the usual route, some docs go for the IV right away when Ferritin is low w/anemia.

Taking iron CORRECTLY, vitamins and eating quality foods w/high iron content is all that he can do right now until he sees a specialist. Don't be anxious it won't help, but do research how to take iron supplements and get iron through diet without absorption issues. You can read the threads on this board as there are many which will inform you of what I am saying. My Ferritin was a 2, he will get better. This won't happen until the anemia is resolved, then the storage fills slowly and takes a long time. So be patient! Good luck. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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