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My latest labs after taking iron slow fe for 2 months...colonsopy, endoscopy and celiac testing were all normal.

iron 48
ferritin 19 no wonder my hair is still shedding...

other concerns of mine (primary doc is not concerned though)...

High b12 at 1005 (220-700)
High folate at >18 (2.2-18)
are these levels cause for alarm - I don't take any vitamins to make them so high.

Also my CBC has always been fine in terms of wbc and rbc, but my wbc was a little low this time...3.51 (4.0-11)

What would you do? Hematologist?

I wouldnít worry about your B12 or your folate. Iím being treated for a B12 deficiency and have managed to get it up to 1200 (200-1100 pg/mL). This makes me very happy! I was concerned when I first learned my folate was >24 (normal is >5.4), but my doctor said itís because Iím a vegetarian and itís a good thing. My hair has been shedding like crazy for months, but since my ferritin and iron are fine, Iím blaming it on the B12 deficiency.

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