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Some dr's will only do the TSH, but TSH on it's own wont give you the best indication of what is going on. They need to do the TSH as well as the Free T3 and Free T4.

My TSH is a little higher than it ought to be, but my T3 and T4 are lower than what they ought to be. I was in a panic when i found out and thought not only do i have a low iron issue but now a thyroid issue, but i'm remaining positive and have full faith in my dr when he says the thyroid issue will self correct after the ferretin gets higher. I did look back at old blood tests prior to my hair shedding and i think my dr is right due to my thyroid getting better results when my ferretin was actually higher.

To help things along i jump, jog and exercise on a minitrampoline indoors. I have come across 3 places which mentioned jumping on a minitrampoline to help with getting fluid moving in the lymph glands and this is apparently good for the thyroid too and helps with the immune system. I guess there is more science involved in it, but apparently it's a good thing so that's all i care about for now.

As for the Lysine, for best results it should be taken on an empty stomach approx 20 mins or even half an hour before breakfast and dinner. This gives your digestive system time to absorb the Lysine so that when you take your iron supplement or eat foods/drinks containing iron the Lysine will help carry it more efficiently throughout the body as well as helping increase the blood levels of ferretin. 500mg per day is sufficient, but it doesnt have side effects so a little more or a little less is of no significance. You wouldn't take the Lysine and Iron together. Take the Lysine first, wait the recommended time, then prior to eating breakfast or dinner take your iron supplement. I keep water and my Lysine container next to the bed and drink it on getting out of bed, go have my shower/wash hair etc, then eat my breakfast. It's just a matter of getting into a routine. Lysine might not be a miracle cure in all of this, but i guess every little bit helps, especially as Lysine is an essential amino acid which our body does not make, you have to get it from food or a supplement.

Just like certain foods/drinks can inhibit iron absorbtion, Lysine also has inhibitors and that is foods which are high in arginine. It's all very confusing, but you can look up Lysine and Arginine on the net and it will give you food listings.

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