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I'm not an expert on B-12 and folate, but I think for these two vitamins, it is fine to be on the high side (and probably good with the B12)

As for your WBC, sometimes you get that. If you've always been normal, I wouldn't let one abnormal reading send me off to the hematologist. You might just want to do a recheck with your GP in another 2 months.
littlebunnyfoo--My numbers are almost a ditto of yours other than the WBC being low. I am thrilled at these. You will only feel better at a higher B-12. I would recheck the WBC. I have found this number to go up and down. I wouldn't worry and wouldn't see a Hematologist. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
Littlebunnyfoo--When I was first Dx:

Without any supplements, my Folate was >20.0 range 4.2-19.9 and my B-12 was 835 range 243-894.

With prenatal supplements, my Floate hasn't changed at all, it is still the same >20.0. I wanted to raise my B-12 even more due to neurological symptoms that I started having. It is now, 981 range 243-894. You can't get too much B-12.

As for my iron supplements, I take Poly iron caps 150 2X daily. This was prescribed from the GI doc due to stomach upset and related symptoms. It is also OTC you just ask for Poly Iron.


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