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Hi littlebunnyfoo - i'm no expert on the B12, folate etc etc figures or how they work in with the actual iron. I do know that it was very slow going with all the iron supplements i took as well as the fact that any oral supplements you take are not 100% absorbed by your body due to various factors ranging from foods which stop partial absorbtion to lack of enzymes during digestion to who knows what else. When you research into it there are so many factors which contribute to poor absorbtion of iron from both foods and from supplements.

Only after the iron injections did i feel better as this iron went directly into my system and nothing could stop my body absorbing it as it doesnt go through that whole digestion process but straight into the muscle and then to the bodily organs which require the iron. I still haven't been able to get in and see my Trichologist for the results as he is in the process of moving to a new office. I really want to know what my new results are and it's so frustrating having to wait.

At least you have ruled out any colon and celiac issues. I'm not sure who you would need to see next. If the experts are to be believed, our ferretin needs to be between 125 - 150 for metabolic activity and liver detox, but 70+ is a figure which gives good enough benefits and is likely a figure more achievable than the 125 - 150.

I often wonder whether it is difficult getting ferretin to high figures due to being low ferretin for so long and the body and it's organs have to keep trying to work at an optimum level without the backup of the iron and therefore insufficient oxygen and whatever other process occurs. Maybe once our iron gets into the 40's and 50's and our systems are running much easier then it might be easier for our system to absorb iron from foods and supplements thereby increasing our ferretin even higher. Sort of like when a healthy person gets a cold/flu they tend to recover faster, whereas an unhealthy person gets sick and they take longer to recover. Maybe this is the same with continous low ferretin, our system isn't strong enough, even with help from supplements, to get anywhere fast.

Have you had your thyroid checked? Thyroid seems to be something a lot of people who are anemic/low ferretin have issues with and the problem is that most of the symptoms are shared by both illnesses. Remember also that even if your thyroid figures are out, but not dangerously out, you can still have symptoms.

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