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Hello littlebunnyfoo--This is my take on it. Let me say up front that I have not personally had either. This is the experience that I have had. I was told by more than one doctor that both are with great RISK. These two doctors (PCP's) refused to give me injections and sent me to a Hematologist for infusion. That is their forte', large doses at one time. I asked the Hematologist for injections and he said no (didn't say why, a disadvantage is IM injections can leave tattoos and sore spots) I'm sure it is because you get more administered through IV and he doesn't fool around with the small stuff. This would be the advantage of IV over injection. I asked about the IV being safe, he said that they use a type that has the least amount of side effects. So, if you are considering IV or injections, I would ask your doc ~specifically~ what they use. My doctor said that he has only had 2 bad reactions in 15 yrs. Just thought that I'd throw that in there. After I read the posts on here I didn't believe him.

It just makes sense to me that the least amount at one time being administered would be safer way. As far as side effects this board says it all, I would rather you read those posts. I do believe that both are with risk. I was fortunate that my numbers went up and the doctor changed his mind about my infusion. He was not concerned with iron stores just Hgb, I feel he changed his mind because it would be an unnecessary risk for me. That proves to me that it's really not a good idea if you don't have to. However, sometimes risk is what we have to take. Good luck to you. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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