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[QUOTE=ChristineVA;3215494]Well, I'm not sure, but when a doctor is presented with a possible "false" reading on the ferritin but iron deficiency anemia on every other test, you have to start looking at the autoimmune disorders. I believe the first steps are to do a C-Reactive Protein test (this will show an active infection or inflammation--it is elevated in lupus and rheumatoid arthritis). The sedimentation rate test used to be the one that was used, and can still be useful, but apparently is not as accurate as the CRP. Then you should have metabolic panels run that would check your kidney and liver function and all the other metabolic processes as these types of chronic diseases affect those rates. Depending on what comes of them, the doctor can then get more specific (i.e., running lupus test, celiac test, arthritis, etc).[/QUOTE]

Thanks again Christine, well i went for another blood test and the results are great... except the symptoms remain.

Iron [B]21[/B] (9-27)
Transferrin [B]2.6[/B] (1.8-3.7)
Transferrin Saturation [B]32[/B] (10-55)
Ferritin [B]54[/B] (30-400)

Antinuclear Ab (ANA) [B]NEGATIVE[/B]

Extractable Nuclear Antigens (ENA) [B]NEGATIVE[/B]

ESR [B]6[/B] mm (1-20)

C-Reactive Protein [B]3[/B] mg/L (0-5)

Rheumatoid Factor [B]6[/B] IU/mL (RR < 14)

So i suppose this clears me of any autoimmune conditions? Would these tests also clear me of say a chronic infection?

It's all pretty confusing for me at the moment as the blood tests results look good yet i still feel crap.

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