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Thanks for the input Christine, i really hope its not due to an autoimmune condition. I too, found it strange that my ferritin levels were up (most likely due to supps), but my iron was down. I figured i shouldn't worry about the iron too much because i hear that levels fluccuate several times a day. What concerned me more was the transferrin saturation, even though i'm not sure what it is, i figured it must be low due too taking many iron supps during the day of my blood test. My RBC count and Haemoglobin have also dropped which is a worry.

Another thing that makes the readings even more strange is that during the last blood test i was 2 months into a cycle of testosterone (for bodybuilding purposes), this meant that i had greatly elevated testosterone levels. What is interesting is that high levels of testosterone should increase RBC production, but in my case the opposite seemed to be happening.

I still feel anemic symptoms, some days worse than others, but it is still there, i'm constantly in a lightheaded, hazy dream-like state. It seems to be worse in the morning, as strange as it sounds, reading shortly after i wake up seems to trigger it. When i don't read in the morning, the symptoms throughout the day are not as bad, but are still there.

I workout heavily 5 days a week, which has been going on for the last 2years and this is probably not helping my case. The cause however of my initial iron depletion seemed to be from a case of gingivitis and ever since having dental surgery the blood loss has more than halved and since then my ferritin levels have gone up. This seemed to indicate to me that it was the main cause of my iron problems.

Well, i think i'm gonna take a week off training, as i have not in almost a year. Hopefully this makes me feel a little better. Thanks again Christine for your help and if you, or anyone else has anymore input it would be greatly appreciated.

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