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HI My husband just got back his results. Iron was 22 now 77 in normal range.
But is ferritin is still 8, why is this still low? Husband has had anemia off and on for two years. He just had a major operation with complications over two months ago. He had internal bleeding from a hermatoma. Does anyboby have insight when is ferritin is going to come up? Why is iron levels have come up. He has been taking an iron supplement for 6 weeks now?

dan-girls--As Christine stated in her post to you the ~Ferritin~ is the one to look at.

To give you an idea of what everyone here is saying. My Ferritin (as I told you in your last post) was a 2. I was unable to take the right amount of iron that I needed so I was anemic for 7 months. When the anemia was resolved at 8 months (due to iron intake and diet) and the HGB was increased to normal levels, It was then that I began to replenish my stores which are now #20. I started at a Ferritin of 2, then 6, 7, 9, then 20, I went from 9-20in 4 weeks time. Look at his lab values for Ferritin and see what the range is. When he gets to the chart the doctors really don't worry so much about this. So, you see how long it can take to just begin to store, let alone FILL up the store. This is why some Hematologists will prescribe IV therapy. You sound really worried, I don't think this is something that you need stress about, it will go up one way or another. Hope this helps you. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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