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Re: Iron injections
Sep 20, 2007
Hi FLFLOWERGIRL - Are you allowed to drink tea which has little or no caffeine in it or is it's not the caffeine which is the issue with you?

Hi Jenny - I had my final iron injection on 14 August this year and haven't noticed any difference weight-wise, no side effects what so ever, except for much more energy than i ever had before. I personally don't know much about iron injections, apart from the literature which came with the iron ampules and my dr printed some information off his pc so i could read up on it. It only mentioned side effects you are likely to experience during the course of injections, but that's about it. Then again we are all individuals and perhaps the after effects might differ for each of us.

Maybe the iron has changed your metabolism in some way, i wouldn't know for sure. Are you on any other med's eg: birth control pills? A lot of people complain they put on weight with BCP, some other med's like antidepressants have made people put on weight. Has your diet changed in any way and is your diet considered healthy? Sometimes as we get older our hormones and our metabolism changes and makes it easier to gain weight eg: sometimes slim girls in their late teens have hit their early 20's and their bodies have been known to totally change shape and weight. As we get into our 30's, 40's, 50's etc our metabolism can slowly slow down naturally, but also our lifestyle can have a lot to do with it. I would speak to a doctor though to get a professional opinion. Also have you had a FULL thyroid test, not simply your TSH? If you are getting a lack of energy specifically prior to your period it could be as a result of a hormonal issue too. It could virtually be anything.

I have incorporated exercise into my 'get well' regime especially as my low ferretin had begun to affect my thyroid and both low iron and thyroid conditions benefit from regular exercise to keep up the metabolic rate. The exercise has made a lot of difference. From simply jogging on a trampoline indoors i can already feel that my derrier has toned up considerably, and that's not jogging for ages, just a bit each morning and evening, 10mins each time. I feel my cardivascular system is better and i'm not huffing and puffing after a tiny amount of exercise anymore and i actual feel like going for a jog outdoors. Before, just the thought of jogging would have made me fall asleep, that's how little energy i had.

Apart from the exercise i eat healthy, get sufficient sleep, dont smoke, have the odd glass of wine sometimes, limit myself to one tea and one coffee most days, drink water during the day plus freshly juiced fruit/veg juice and basically try to look after myself as best as i can.

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