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Re: Worried!
Sep 25, 2007
Hi Supermom3--Sorry about your daughters blood results. What a good thing it is that you had her blood tested. Lots of people put this off for one reason or another and end up really sick.

This first thing I would do is get a copy of February's results to compare to now. Also, be sure to get a current copy at her next apt. Usually, this shows a slow decline of HGB which results in anemia. Sounds like your daughter should have been on supplements (like the clinic said) in February. The good thing is that you caught it and CAN most likely fix it with supplements. Now that she is probably IDA I would also ask for a Ferritin test before you leave. That is the storage of iron in the body.

FYI----Let me tell you ahead of time, if they tell her to take supplements, please do her a (((((great favor))))) and ask for something that is well tolerated on the GI system. My daughter is 24, was anemic, they put her on Ferris Sulfate which is really harsh stuff and I couldn't get her to take them. At the time I didn't know there were options. My GI doc said this same thing happened to his daughter and he prescribed Poly Iron 150's for her and it worked well he said. I know first hand that it works also, that is what he prescribed for me. Just ask about this because some docs don't care and you can get really sick from the iron. It may not be an issue, many times it is.

Regarding her WBC I would recheck it later, this does change if your body is fighting something off and then returns to normal. See what her doctor says about it. Try not to worry so much.

Keep us posted and lots of luck to you both! FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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