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icecruncher--when you post a question on this board your definitely going to get answers!

Yes, I did build my Ferritin up from 2 to 20 and it has been since Jan. for me. I was 2,6,7,9, for 7 months then when I was no longer anemic I went from 9-20 in 4 weeks. Strange isn't it. This takes up to one year to rebuild or longer.

As far as symptoms, I had my share. It started way before I became ill I started to eat ice all the time. Went on the Internet and looked it up and came up with PICA and anemia. Still I didn't believe it! Then I discussed this with my doctor and it was then that he did a Ferritin test. I was a 2 Ferritin and an 8.5 HGB and still felt fine. Other than one time I was cleaning the bathroom and almost blacked out. After that the symptoms got really bad. Dizzy, weight loss, no appetite, heart racing palpitations, black eyes, weak and my hair was falling out very bad.

Mine was due to heavy periods but I fixed that. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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