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You don't say what her blood count is--only her ferritin. If she is not anemic, I don't think the low ferritin alone would cause the more severe symptoms. But, if she is anemic (and she might be as she is on her period) then it could cause this.

The first thing that popped into my head was that she is having an episode of vertigo. This type of thing is very common and when it hits you it lasts for several weeks and you tend to have recurrences for a long time. As FLFLOWERGIRL said, I'm sure that being iron deficient just makes it all worse.
You should request a HGB and HCT count you don't have to get the (CBC)complete blood count. My PCP doctor only does those two because we know that the Ferritin takes forever and the rest aren't really necessary after so long. My Hematologist doesn't even care what the Ferritin is. He knows that it is VERY low and that it takes time although he does this test also. Not having the two test results that I mention above is CRAZY to me, if you are as ill as your mother. I have been to many doctors and they all do some form of count. Ferritin alone just isn't right in my ~school of hard knocks~ opinion unless your HGB is fine. Please make them do these for her. I was able to watch my numbers rise and fall and that helped me to know what I needed to do as far as my supplements or eating meat or just whatever, it helped ME to manage my healthcare! Good luck to you and your mom. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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