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Hi, everyone. Please forgive this long post. Iím having a tough time right now and am looking for some reassurance that everything will be okay. Iíve been on cyano B12 for B12 deficiency for almost three months. (I was a vegan. I've reintroduced dairy and am considering meat.) I canít seem to get through more than four days without feeling bad, so I have two injections a week. My original reading was 329; my last reading was 1204, though that was only four days after my last injection. My doctor doesnít know if I have PA (pernicious anemia), and she is not concerned whether I have it or not. Thatís not because sheís uncaring or a bad doctor (I love her). Sheís tried to explain to me why numerous times, but I can never understand or retain it. I think she wants to treat me as if I have it and says that monthly shots (though Iím not there yet) are not going to harm me. I could have that wrong, and this posting is not to talk about my doctor. Itís to share that Iím feeling really anxious at the moment. For the past two weeks, I have felt amazingly good! I mean, Iíd rate my days as being around 85% of my former self. Iím still almost always tired, canít sleep more than six hours at a time, and have other issues that concern me, but Iím grateful to have been feeling so good. Iíve gone from not working to working 10 hours a week to working 15 hours a week. Not all of the hours are spent at the office; Iíve been doing some work at home also. Even the awful hum that I had in my head went away for almost two weeks. But this week things have changed. My sleep has been worse than usual, making my symptoms worse. The hum is back, loud and strong, and my legs are weak. Last night I took ľ of a Tylenol PM to help with sleep, but it made me panic because it went right to work on my already-weak legs. I slept for about 4 Ĺ hours but Iím too nervous to sleep now because I feel so awful. Iím on the verge of panic but am keeping it together. Has this ever happened to you? Would someone please tell me Iím going to be okay and this is just a temporary setback? Thanks for your understanding.

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