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Need your advice!!
Sep 28, 2007
So I went to the doctor about my fatigue. He did a CBC. Here is the results. The date of this is 9-08-2007.

WBC Low 4.25 (RR 4.8 - 10.8)
RBC low 3.87 (RR 4.2 - 5.4)
Hemoglobin low 10.3 (RR 12.0 - 16.0)
hematocrit low 31.8 (RR 37.0 - 47.0)
MCH Low 26.6 (RR 37-34)
RDW High 15.2 (RR 27 - 34)
C02 low 20 (RR 22 - 29)

Doctor ordered more blood work, and a stool card on 9-18-2007. Here is the results from this blood work.

Ferritin- Low 4 (RR 13 - 150)
Iron- Low 25 (RR 30-160)
TIBC- High 455 (RR 228-428)
Occult stool- negative

I went back to the doctor on 9-24-2007. He old me I have IDA, and put me on an iron pill. And more blood work. I had this round of blood work done on 9-27-2007. I went to the hospital to get the results today because I didn't want to wait on the doctor.

Ferritin- Low 6
Iron- High- 175
TICB- High 466

I started my iron pills on 9-24. Had this round on blood work on 9-27. 4 days seems like a short time for my iron to go up that much! I did just get off my period when I had the second round of blood work. Would that have any effect on the results? I'm worried that I don't have IDA. Even with my Iron up I still feel bad.

Any advice? What do I need to ask my doctor? What other test can I ask for to really find out the truth?

Thanks SO much!!!!

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