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Tiffany1496--I agree, you do have to be careful what the doctors prescribe to you. Many PCP's are extremely willing to give meds. They had me on Xanax due to anxiety from my anemia. I kept asking about the usage of it and they just said you can even take more. I didn't need more! When I went off it my body really felt it. I would never let another doctor do that to me again. Next, they wanted me to take an antidepressant for anxiety to replace this. I feel so much better getting off the medication. Mind you some people do need it, that is correct. I only had/have anxiety at doctor's apts. You can LOL exercise to feel better or go for walks if you can, it really helps to get through this. Try not to worry TOO much that just stresses you more and that is really hard on your body.

As far as Ferritin testing and iron, the docs usually test the HGB and HCT with or without a CBC to see where your anemia is and track that. Sometimes they add the Ferritin or an anemia package which I believe includes Ferritin, it just depends on the doctor while others only use a CBC. Ferritin takes soooooo long to build they are not too concerned as to it's progress. Now that I am no longer anemic my Hematologist will retest my Ferritin in 6 months to give you some idea. Too many test are not necessary unless you are really feeling very bad, then I would say once a month and that's a lot, just so you know. I had to do this at one point in two weeks time by the Hematologist.

Keep us posted on your test results. Feel better! FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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