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Hi Flower and Chrisine-

I don't know what my Ferritin is. No one has mentioned my B-12. Thankfully, I called around this morning and got an appointment with the hematologist for next Tuesday. I'm going to call my Rheumy and get copies of my blood faxed over. When I get the copies, I will let you know better details.

The only I do know, is that this pain is zapping everything from me. Im in bed most of the time, and the nausea is almost unbearable. The funny thing is, I've taken supplements over the years. Not steadily mind you, but obviously not enough. I also have a great diet, eat lots of fish and leafy vegetables, don't smoke or even drink much alcohol except for the occasional glass of red wine. So I thought I was doing the right thing. I guess I misjudged feeling ok? I don't even have a pica for pete's sake. I don't chew ice, my nails or anything. So what else was supposed to stand out to me to let me know I was in trouble prior to now?

I just hope there hasn't been too much damage done to my organs. At least I know that my liver function is ok.

Arrrgh. I'm so frustrated. So glad that I found this board.

I will definitely keep you guys posted and keep you in my thoughts as well...


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