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[QUOTE=FLFLOWERGIRL;3236451]Danielle--I'm glad that you were able to get an apt. so soon, usually it takes a lot longer to get in. When I was DX'ed with anemia the first thing they did was a B-12 and Folate test because quite often you can be deficient in both. I'm sure the Hematologist will run your Ferritin and B-12 if not done already.

I was nauseated for 6 months everytime my feet hit the floor, reminded me of being pregnant. I found that sips of water helped with this. They put me on Xanax because I started to have anxiety (from the anemia) when I would go to doctors. That also helped with muscle spasms in my neck and tingling in my face so they kept me on it. When I saw the Hematologist he said, there is an anti-nausea property in it, so I stayed on it for 6 months, the lowest dose. Of course I don't recommend this, it just worked for me and my situation. It's hard to say what symptoms are from what?

It sounds like even though you had a great diet that blood loss is the problem. You don't have to have a great loss just a monthly loss and it ~slowly~ over time causes the Ferritin to run out/low, which is your iron storage. I had to have an Ablation in June to stop mine. Also, that glass of red wine washes out the iron, white wine enhances the absorption. I did chew ice but couldn't believe that it was from anemia, now I know for sure. The Hematologist said that when you have a blood loss problem that it is so slow that your body gets used to it and you don't realize that it's even happening because this takes years to do. I felt fine at a 8.5 HGB, it was later, in the long-term that my symptoms began. I would recommend now that you begin a GOOD multi-vitamin to help build new red blood cells and drink lots of water, this helps too. I hope that you are on supplements now? Feel better! FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/QUOTE]

Hi There, just adding my bit. I also have mycrocytic anemia, have been living with anemia symptoms such as chest pain, palpitations, hair loss, bones dull- aching, nausea, shakes, no concentration, memory loss, bumping into and dropping things, ringing ears, anable to warm up [which is absurb as I live in the tropics], eye sight failing ect. ect. As I am totally over feeling this way I convinced my Dr to start testing for anything that has anemia as a symptom. After a colonoscopy, gastroscopy, ECG, chest xray, breast screen mammogramme and upper abdominal ultrascan, a pelvic ultrascan showed ovarian cysts, right ovary 180mm x 85mm, left 75mm x 85mm, had a total hysterectomy but still have the anemia and now have gastroparesis, I feel like I'm in a warped card game, throw out this, pick up that. Because taking iron supplements make me throw up and sometimes cause stomach tears I stopped taking it but am getting worse so have started again with 5ml doses which I can tolerate, I will gradually build up to the 30ml dose, 5ml at a time each week. I am lucky that I dont have children to care for or have to go to work, my heart goes out to anyone in that situation. I do know that anemia is not an illness in itself but a symptom of another, it is also known as a silent killer, because left untreated it will bring on other deadly problems such as heart disease, diabetes and cancers. So don't stop looking untill you find what is causing it.

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