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I am sorry tht you are not well. There are a lot of us on this board that can understand where you are coming from. Having a ferritin level of 10 is still way too low. My hematologist wants to keep me at least 50. I too have been suffering from anemia for almost three years. That is when I was officially dx. My ferritin at that time was 2. I just went for another round of IV iron, this time Venofer. Which does not take as long and no pre medication. The only disadvange of Venofer is that you may have to go back more ofter for IV. I had Infed about 6 months ago. After that infusion my level was 89. We were so pleased, but less then 6 months, I had lost over half of my iron. My hematologist said at this rate, I would not have any ferritin in 6 months. So their reason for topping off my tank. Yes if your ferritin is below 70, your hair will fall out faster. I noticed that when my level was around 50, my hair also started to fall out again. I thank God that I have a dr who is on top of this. My pcp, gyn, and gastro all don't seem to be troubled as long as my ferritin is above 10. That is why you need to see someone who knows blood, ie hematologist.
You really won't see any improvements until your ferritin is at least above 50. At this point, on one seems to know where my iron goes? I just had surgery for sinus and from all the bleeding even small for the past three weeks, I can tell that everything is pretty low. I was told it could take a week or two before, I will get my engery back from the Venofer I just got. Hang in there, once you reach around 50, you will see some change in you energy level.

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