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I just had a colonoscopy this summer after putting it off for a year. Someone gave me some tips and boy did they work!!

1. Start eating light 2 days before prep day...applesauce, mashed potatoes, toast, yogurt

2. Buy those flushable wipes!!! Blot, don't wipe. You might get a little sore, but not like the raw burning you would get if you used toilet paper. Also, dab on some vaseline down there every once in a while.

3. Buy some mints. Swirl the mint in your mouth right before you have to drink a serving of the prep. Drink the prep and then put the mint back in your mouth and swirl away all of the bad taste! This really did work for me.

4. Measure out 8 oz. (or whatever your prep serving size is) in a water bottle or gatorade bottle. Mark the 8 oz. with a marker and then pour each serving of prep in the bottle to drink instead of a glass. Lean over the kitchen sink and can get it down much faster this way 3-4 chugs instead of many many drinks from a glass.

I've had to clean myself out 2 times. The first time it was horrible. My rear was raw and sore and I was crying and miserable from the horrible prep. I had to drink almost ALL of the prep to get cleaned out. The second time wasn't a picnic, but it was soooo much better. I only had to drink HALF the prep because I ate light, soft foods for a couple days before and followed the above advice from a friend who has had many, many colonoscopys.

Hope this helps!

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