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Re: Thrilled!
Oct 5, 2007
Christine- yes, now I recall about your hypothyroid. It is hard to juggle around the synthroid. Perhaps you already know, but if you dont--- iron is needed to assist in the conversion of the t4(synthroid) that you take in to make the usable t3.So for those of us on synthroid meds it is so impt. to get the ferritin up there so the synthroid can do its work.

You have a good psych. to help you through the physical aspects and to see the connection and to be helpful to order the tests. That is great! It really gets to me when I read at the thyroid board the number of people who are put on antidepressants for depression with no consideration of thyroid issues. Only to learn a few years later it was the thyroid malfunctioning that caused the depression. And, I have also read that low iron and vit d can affect mood, cognition etc. So, to me it seems all diagnoses should start with good labs- I just don't understand why this doesn't happen.

So back to the iron, if the flintstones work so well for you why not just amp up the type of iron that is in the flintstones vits and take it at the same time as the vit? Your reaction to the ferrous fumarate is so good. I have read it is a real good type. Of course if you push it to a really larger dose , it could throw your synthroid dose off- meaning you would have to increase it for the time of the increased iron but it seems like an important enough reason to go through the modification of your dose for a short period. It would be so good for you to get another double on your ferritin level. Wouldn't that be something! Let's see it's about 3 months to Christmas.Maybe it's time to write to Santa- all I want for Christmas is my ferritin to double. But then again, maybe you want some other things as well, so just add them to the list.Keep us posted on the ferritin project!

Did you see the b12 thread where the doc doesn't want to treat a ferritin of 20 if no anemia signs in the cbc. It doesn't make any sense when it takes soooo long to get the ferritin up. Why wait till anemia to start the ferritin project. Do you understand this at all??Of course,the doc should do other diagnostic work to see the reason for the low ferritin, but apparently there is no interest in the ferritin whatsoever.Glad I have learned somethings here on this board, and through my readings as well as having a good doc here and there to help. Again and again it seems docs want to send you along if you just fall within range- nevermind if it is at the bottom of the range.

p.s.- I just had an appt with my pcp and got the referral to a naturopath who is highly recommended so this is going to be interesting. I will let you and the board know anything she has to say about type of iron supplement, level to aim for etc. I want to get her advice on this so I can maintain a vegetarian diet and still get the vit, minerals that I need for health and well being. So after the colonoscopy , I get somewhat of a treat going to the naturopath finally and getting a different perspective .

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