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Not only do we seem to have the same doctor but appear to be somewhat of the same person! LOL!

I was going to report happily that my husband is in the wrong field and should be a nurse! I didn't even feel the shot! However now that you reported parts of your stomach were makes me wonder if my BUTT is numb! :jester: (just trying to find SOME humor in this!)

However, what you have said makes me feel pretty good about our decision to interview a neurologist! I hope I get a call back tomorrow and we can discuss her knowledge of this whole B12 issue!

I have the print out from a book site that gives an exerpt from "Could it be B12". Its almost freaky you mentioned it. I was planning on taking it to B and N to see if it could be ordered.

I really appreciate all of your help and insight. This is a sucky road to travel.

What's the worst symptom for me in all of this? Thinking of things I want to post to you and forgetting them right before i start the sentance. The forgetfulness is the worst for me. I have been living with the stomach issues forever, the pain for almost 8 months, but I just can't get used to the mush brain. I hate it.

I hear so much frustration in your post and it makes me hurt for you because I know exactly what you are feeling right now. I hope you get yours sorted out soon and things get better for you :hug: In regard to being tested for celiac. The blood tests aren't reliable. You can have a positive and not have celiac...and you can have a negative and still have Celiac. The only real tried and true diagnostics for Celiac is the upper endo with LOTS of biopsies. Only a few biopsies may miss the damaged parts. Make sure the doc gets enough samples if you go that route. Also, many Celiac boards on the net will state the real true Gold Standard Celiac test is a gluten free diet of six months or better. I ended up being negative for Celiac in all tests however I am actually "Allergic" to wheat, soy, oats, rye (among five million other foods and environmentals) so if you are negative for celiac in all testing accounts it doesn't hurt to see an allergiest to test for Allergies to certain foods. Food allergies can rip apart and damage your stomach just as much and kill your intrinsic factor (from what I have read so far)


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