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Hey all, I had my first appointment today with a Hematologist. They were all soooooooo nice here!! The whole staff was nice and the Doctor was really nice. I spent all but an hour and a half there ..... and it wasn't from long waiting. I first got there and signed in and all of that stuff then they took 3 things of blood from me. They did just a real quick CBC ..... it may not have been a complete CBC, but they ran the blood (the lab is right there at the office), so they ran the blood and by the time I went back to the room and the Doctor came in, they had run some of my blood for a quick work up. Those numbers were pretty much identical to the CBC I had just recently posted here. I think it's earlier in this thread.

Anyway ... this Doctor spent a lot of time with me, which I liked. He didn't rush us out, he took his time and went over everything .... all of my symptoms, all of my recent blood work etc. He said that my Iron Stores (Ferritin) are all but depleted. My Ferritin was at 10 a couple of weeks ago. I was sooooo happy to finally have a doctor care about Ferritin levels!! He had asked if I noticed any blood in my stool, and I told him I have been looking and haven't seen anything.

Soooo, since they took extra blood from me when I first got there, he is going to re-test my B12 and see where that is at. It was 172 a few weeks ago. He is also testing me for "Pernicious Anemia". The weird thing though is ... I thought they test you for "Pernicious Anemia" through a Urine Test?? I think it's called a Schilling Test or something like that?? Well, he said they are testing for "Pernicious Anemia" from the extra blood that I had drawn. Can they test for that with a blood tesT?? He also said they are testing like some kind of Antibodies and something to do with Gastric something or other?? They are doing it all through the blood that I had drawn. Does that sound right to those of you that have gone through this ?? I go back next Wednesday to get the results back from those tests that they are running.

My only other question is ..... does "Pernicious Anemia" also cause low Iron stores?? I am just wondering if my Low B12 and my Low Iron stores are from a related problem?? Or do you think they are two seperate things that we need to make sure the Doctor looks at? I mean this Doctor is nice and all so far .... but I want to make sure I am asking him everything I need to be asking and making sure he is testing for everything he should be testing for. This stuff is all BRAND new to me, so I am not totally 100% sure on it all yet.

Hopefully you all will re-read this post and can answer my questions, if not I will try posting a new thread about it. But if you all know anything about my questions, PLEASE post what you know. Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions that you can provide to me!! :)


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