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Tifferzz- Sorry to hear about your trouble with the docs. I have had my share of that too. My endocrinologist wanted me to supplement with 325mg iron daily when my ferritin was 38 , so for sure I think your doc should get you started on iron supplements and then monitor your levels till you get in a good range. What the good range is seems to be subject to interpretation but I think 70 from my reading seems to be a threshold for real improvement. From what I have read alot of aches, pains and hair loss may be associated with low ferritin.
Also if you haven't had your vit d level checked it is a hugely important thing to do. My vit d was way low a 19, that was terrible. Vit d deficiency can also cause alot of aches and pains . You may want to check out the vitamin d council on the net. The phds and mds that are on the vitd council are world class scientists and affiliated with major universities. They think that proper vit d levels are critical for health and that deficiency can lead to greater chance of various cancers, autoimmune disorders , ms etc. etc. When my vit d and ferritin level increased I felt so much better. Much less of the aches and pains . Also I had leg pains at night for several years and they have just stopped. I am shocked. Because I moved the vit d and iron up at the same time, I won't ever really know which helped or whether it was the combination. In any event be sure to get your vit d level checked and do something about your ferritin.
I am hypothyroid due to hashimoto's autoimmune disorder and also have osteoporosis. I have to get these deficiencies dealt with to try to achieve a level of well being and health. I have burned through docs in this quest to get help. I am now finally feeling that it is coming together. So I know your frustration.
I think your gp is , according to what I have read, incorrect on not going by ferritin and instead just looking at blood panel for anemia. From what I have read anemia is the end point. Low ferritin will show you are moving in that direction. Which you are by the 20 ferritin number. So why wait till anemia. Others on this board will agree with this for sure. It is so hard and time consuming to get the ferritin up. To me, it seems your doc is not helping you but giving you frustration. Could you change docs??
On the B12 , I have supplemented for about a year. I take b12 in a multivit and also now take a sublingual(dissolves under your tongue) b complex tab with b12. All this contributed to a very decent b12 number on my labs, so maybe with supplementing you could bring yours up. From what I have read though some people have trouble taking in b12 or utilizing it due to some metabolic issue and thus can have pernicious anemia. I don't know if this would have anything to do with your situation. Maybe you should look at that as well.
Also I wonder about your extreme fatigue and weight loss. Something doesn't seem right. On your thyroid, what was your tsh level?? As to the weight loss, do you have any intestinal problems- cramping, diarrhea etc. Are you taking in enough calories?
Don't give up tiffer. You are going to need to push forward to get yourself the help that you need. We will support your effort here!
Hi there osteoblast and thank you for responding! Yeah, some people on the Thyroid board here told me to get m Ferritin level tested, so I did and then it came back that low. I went and got all of my lab reports. I had my ferritin level checked on August 08, 2007 and my level was: 21 ...... the normal lab ranges on the lab report are: (10 - 291). But people have told me that is still to low and it should be between 70-90 in women. Although, my family doctor said she doesn't go by that .... she just goes by the regular blood panels for anemia. So, I was like ok. The Endocrinologist also did not say anything about my low ferritin levels when I saw her last week .... Grrrr!!

Yes, I have my new Thyroid results. I will post them here. I was getting ready to post everything on the Thyroid board too. I will post them here first.

October 03, 2007

TSH: Mine Was: 1.110 ........ Normal Lab Results: (0.350 - 5.500)

Thyroxine (T4): Mine Was: 7.4 ....... Normal Lab Results: (4.5 - 12.0)

T3 Uptake: Mine Was: 34 ...... Normal Lab Results: (24 - 39)

Free Thyroxine Index: Mine Was: 2.5 ..... Normal Lab Results: (1.2 - 4.9)

Thyroxine (T4) Free, Direct: Mine Was: 1.14. Normal Lab Results: (0.61 1.76)

Antithyroglobulin Ab: Mine Was: <20 ...... Normal Lab Ranges: (0 -40)

Triiodothyronine, Free, Serum: Mine Was: 3.6 .... Normal Lab Rages: (2.3 - 4.2)

Vitamin B12 and Folate

Vitamin B12: Mine Was: 172 .... LOW .... Normal Lab Ranges: (211 - 911)

Folate (Folic Acid), Serum: Mine Was: 8.7 ...... Normal Lab Ranges: (>5.4)

Those were my results I got back today. I was reading on low B12 a little bit, and it said that low B12 can cause fatigue and weakness, hair thinning, the brain fogginess and weight loss and a couple of other symptoms. I am still trying to find more information on the B12 stuff. Maybe my problem is the low ferritin and the low B12. Heck, maybe they should just check all of my vitamin levels! I never knew about the D vitamin. Maybe I should have that checked too!! I think my thyroid results are all normal right?

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