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Hi ALL, and thanks for responding Isis498, ChristineVA, and alaska_free, I appreciate it very much!! Isis, I heard that the B12 shots "sting" when they go in. Is that true? Also if that is true, how long does the sting last? I don't like watching needles go in me and even when I get my blood drawn, I look away. I am a baby LOL. I don't like things that hurt either .... BUT .... if the shots will help me get better .... faster ..... then I will do them definitely. The sooner I am back to myself .... the HAPPIER I will be. I am going to throw a BIG party when I am back to myself LOL. But .... before my party I want to make sure my old self is back .... (The OCD me where my house is spotless)!!! Clean my house, have my HAIR BACK, it is sooooooo thin right now, it makes me sad. My hair is straight ... and when I do it after I shower and I turn to the sides, I can see my ears through my hair. Like not my full ears .... but I can definitely see my ears. I hate it. I am soooooo ready to do things other than SIT all day long. I want my energy back. I am tired of sleeping 10 hours a day. I am tired of sitting in a chair, and I just fall asleep .... I don't even want to fall asleep but I get so tired sitting, that I just fall asleep. I want to be more into my daughter .... like I used to be. I used to remember everything .... ALL school stuff. I cannot remember things like I used to. I see her bring home a school paper. I keep it to the side and say to myself, "I need to remember this". Well, most of the time ... I forget. I have no energy to go to her sports games, which makes me REALLY sad. I don't think a lot of people TRUELY understand how dead tired this makes you. They think "oh she's just tired", but they have no clue. It's not that I am just "tired". I seriously cannot get up and do ANYTHING. But oh well, here I go into a long post again LOL ...... SORRY!!

As I was saying lol .... I was thanking all of you for responding and asking about the B12 shots stinging. Christine .... yeap my Dad told me about the B12 thingies that you stick under your tongue. I am hoping to do something like that after I see the doctor. I just wanna wait till after I see the Hematologist, that way he can tell me if I need the shots first to get my level up, or if I can just to something like under the tongue. I am thinking he may want to do the shots for a little bit since my level is pretty low. So, if he does the shots at first ... once I am regular, I will definitely do something like those things you stick under your tongue. I don't like the idea of getting stuck with a needle ALLLLLL the time, eeeekkkkk!! :(

Ohhh, also alaska_free, I wish I could just call my family doctor and get B12. But .... she has NOT called me back since my B12 results. She probably does not think that low B12 is a problem. She didn't think my low ferritin the other month was a problem. She said she doesn't go by ferritin levels since my CBC came back normal. But yeah, I did ask to have her call me, and a week went by, and no phone call back. Sooooo, that is when I took it amongst myself, to find a Hematologist. I called them and I said "can I set up an appointment on my own or do I need to have my family doctor do it". The lady was nice and said "normally your family doctor would call and set the appointment up IF you have never been seen by our office". I was like "Oh ok". Then the lady said "why, are you having a problem"? I said "well kinda". She then asked me what was going on. I explained to her that we have been trying to figure out what is wrong with me for the past year. I said we just found out last week that my B12 is low. The lady then asked what was the results. I said my results came back at 172 which was low on the lab report. She then said "have you had other blood work done"? I said yes. She said "how did that come back"? I said well I had some cortisol tests, they came back high. I said some of my hormone testing came back high and my testosterone was on the low side. I then told her that my CBC came back normal, and then I said my Ferritin test that I had done in August came back on the low side. She then said "what was your Ferritin level? I said it was 21. So, she said "can I put you on hold, I am going to call over to the lab and tell them about your B12 and Ferritin levels and I'll see what they say". I said ok. She came back on the phone and said "I talked to the senior lab tech, and he said that with your levels you do need to be seen, so I am going to go ahead and set up an appointment for you". I said ok. Then she said "call your family doctor and tell them you have an appointment with us and ask them to fax over all of your labs and physician reports over the past year". I said ok.

When I called the family doctor, I got a receptionist. I told her about my up-coming appointment. She was like "did we set this up for you". I said no, I have been waiting for the doctor to call me back but it's been a week and I haven't heard from her, so I called and asked if I could make the appointment on my own, and they said with my levels of low B12 and low ferritin that I need to be seen". The lady didn't sound to happy ... but oh well. I am tired of feeling this way. I wasn't getting anywhere before, so I have to do stuff on my own!! So, I am pretty sure the Hematology place set me up with the appointment for the first available appointment that they had available, and that was the October 29th appointment. Trust me ... I wish I could get in sooner!!

I know I am writing a book her ... sorry!! But ... I need to post one more thing. I just got my labs back from yesterday. I am going to post them here. My Iron stuff came back in the normal ranges! It's weird that you can have Low B12 and Low ferritin but normal Iron stuff. Here is my new blood work, ohh and my Ferritin level dropped since August too!

[B]October 11, 2007[/B]

[B]CBC With Differential/Platelet[/B]

WBC: 6.2 ------ Normal Lab Ranges: (4.0 - 10.5)

RBC: 4.43 ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (3.80 - 5.10)

Hemoglobin: 13.5 ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (11.5 - 15.0)

Hematocrit: 39.8 ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (34.0 - 44.0)

MCV: 90 ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (80 - 98)

MCH: 30.4 ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (27.0 - 34.0)

MCHC: 33.9 ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (32.0 - 36.0)

RDW: 12.8 ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (11.7 - 15.0)

Platelets: 336 ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (140 - 415)

Neutrophils: 36 - LOW ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (40 - 74)

Lymphs: 49 - HIGH ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (14 - 46)

Monocytes: 7 ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (4 - 13)

Eos: 7 ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (0 - 7)

Basos: 1 ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (0 - 3)

Neutrophils (Absolute): 2.2 ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (1.8 - 7.8)

Lymphs (Absolute): 3.0 ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (0.7 - 4.5)

Monocytes (Absolute): 0.4 ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (0.1 - 1.0)

Eos (Absolute): 0.4 ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (0.0 - 0.4)

Baso (Absolute): 0.1 ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (0.0 - 0.2)

[B]Iron and TIBC[/B]

Iron Bind. Cap. (TIBC): 333 ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (250 - 450)

UIBC: 258 ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (150 - 375)

Iron, Serum: 75 ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (35 - 155)

Iron Saturation: 23 ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (15 - 55)

[B]Ferritin, Serum[/B]

Ferritin, Serum: 10 ----- Normal Lab Ranges: (10 - 291)

* Thos Are My Latest Lab Results As Of October 11, 2007, Then My B12 Was 172 last week *

Sorry about the book I just wrote!! Just wanted to respond to those of you who posted, and give some answers and also post my latest labs. If you see anything or have any comments, PLEASE post them to me! Thank you!!

Tifferzz :)

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