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Some people can eat all the right foods, including iron rich foods and still be low in iron. It really all depends on what is causing the iron defficiency in the first place.

I used to think it was simply a matter of popping some iron tablets and all would fix itself, but that is very far from the truth for quite a lot of people.

I began by buying an over the counter liquid iron formula and took it according to the directions. Later when i began visiting my current dr he stated i could quite easily triple the dosage suggested. I think a lot of those over counter supplements quote dosage amounts for people who might be temporarily low, so they cant quote too high a dosage incase it affects the person negatively, whereas those who are anemic or very low in iron can actually take quite high amounts. I don't think you can simply look at how many grams of iron you are taking, it's the quality or type of iron being taken. I'm on 180mg of iron per day and that is from taking 3 teaspoons of iron powder, plus 4 iron phosphate tablets per day. Now when you look at some other iron supplements you buy over the counter, you might have to take half the container to get a days dosage. This is why its best to discuss dosages with your chemist or better still your doctor.

Not all the iron you eat via iron rich foods will get absorbed 100%, certain foods will cancel out some of the iron and it wont absorb totally. Even when you take supplements, not the entire 100% dosage will get absorbed. Certain supplements shouldn't be taken in conjunction with each other eg: taking iron and zinc at same time isn't good as zinc tends to cancel out iron, so you need to take them far apart.

Besides getting your ferretin levels checked out it is a good idea to get some other things tested eg: B12, zinc, thyroid, vitamin d, liver function test, gluten intolerance test and in my personal case i'm very low in iodine which affects the thyroid and thyroid can also be thrown out by long term low iron. So you see it's all very complex and everything seems to affect everything else.

Hope this helps to answer some of your questions.

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