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I say that it causes depression and anxiety as well. I have always been healthy, exercise everyday, eat pretty good. A month and a half ago I started to get a feeling of not being well. I went to the ER one night because my heart was racing and palpitating as well. The palpitations I had once before back in FEB and went to the ER as this was not normal to me. The doctor did a blood panel said I looked good but to check back with my doctor about the thyroid because that could cause my problems. My problems went away and returned August 21. I made an appt with my doctor. He pulled the blood work and said I did not have a thyroid problem but I looked slightly anemic but it was not a big deal. At this point I was crying because I was so weak, tired, palpitations, heart racing, chest burning (acid reflux), tired(I wanted to sleep all day), anxiety, and my vision was off. I did not want to go home until I had an answer because I felt like I was dying. To put my at ease he sent me home with a Z-pack and an order for a Holter Monitor. I did the Holter the falling week. By the time I got to the office to have it removed I couldn't focus, felt like I was going to pass out, and my heart was jumping on every third beat. I was completely freaked out because I had my 3 yr old daughter with me. The nurse suggested I go directly to the ER. There the doctor laughed and told me I had anxiety and sent me home. It was not till 4 weeks later that I said this is it something is wrong with me and I need a blood test done. I was very depressed crying all the time, extremely tired, and having major anxiety attacks because I felt something was just not right, but everyone around me was telling me I was fine. Sure enough I got the blood test done after 12 hours of fasting (I also have low blood sugar so I almost passed out from dizziness) my doctors office called right away and said you need to go in for another test you are severly anemic and we need to find out why. Of course I was happy but also scared. It turns out that I have low iron. I am currently taking supplements to see if those work. After a night of sleep I still wake up tired and am tired and foggy all day off and on. My doctor said it will take a few weeks to get my stores back up, but I am a little iffy on what they say because I actually had to request a new blood test to be done. However, my depression is subsiding and my anxiety is gone(thank goodness!) It may be because I found out what was wrong with me but I think it is because I am getting the much needed Iron back in my body. It has been almost two weeks now.
Sometimes I wonder about these doctors! lol
Hope you get to feeling well and everyone else too! :)

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