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Lizzy, Flowergirl and Christine have pretty much covered your situation in their posts and all i can do is agree with them.

You are not going crazy and the low iron is most definitely causing you to feel constant tiredness, no motivation and some people even suffer depression. It is no wonder as living like this day in and day out to year in and year out is very depressing and it stops you from enjoying your life.

You need to ask questions, do research and speak to your doctor and request certain tests if they are not being performed. If your doctor dismisses it as trivial or demeans you in any way, find a new doctor. A lot of us have shopped around extensively until we have found somebody who understands our situation, so do not give up on finding somebody knowledegable and understanding.

You mention heavy periods, did they give you a reason why? is there any other procedure rather than having a hysterectomy? A hysterectomy might sound like a quick fix, but a hysterectomy is not for everybody. Some ladies have felt great afterwards while others have felt worse as they may not have their periods to content with, but they have a whole new series of side effects. This is something you might want to research very well as there is no going back afterwards, especially if you are still reletavely young.

As the others suggested, there might be a chance you have a gluten intolerance. If this is the case, a hysterectomy wont necessarily help your iron istuation.

What sort of iron supplements are you on? Not all iron supplements are the same and if it's an over the counter type you may want to speak to your doctor or your chemist and find out whether it's safe to double or even triple the dosage as some of the over the counter supplements are not of a high enough dosage so your levels take far longer to go up. eg: I was on a liquid form which my doctor advised me to triple until i finished the bottle and then moved onto a supplement which he felt would benefit me more so than the one i was originally taking.

A lot of people on the boards have also found that they are very depleted in B12, Vitamin D, Zinc, they might be bordering hypo or hyperthyroid, poor liver function, in my personal case i have just found out i'm very low in iodine too. This is why it's important to have the right tests and to work out why it's all happening and most definitely think twice before a full hysterectomy too.

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