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Thank you to Christine, Flowergirl and Nxyie for all the support before the colonoscopy.:) It is over and done with. I have no story-more of an empty space in my mind from the point of we are going to give you the fentanyl and then we are driving home.I probably slept through most of coming home.
I used the osmoprep and going and going was no fun of course. And as others said it was just gentle urges to go and nothing like having serious intestinal flu. No cramping. After the morning prep , I had a feeling of nausea for about 3 hours while I was having to go and go. Didn't get sick to my stomach but didn't feel good.
The procedure was uneventful. The reason the doc ordered the procedure was the low ferritin. Although it wasn't that low 34. Well, on the good side no polyps found (a sibling had a serious polyp) so that was a relief. But doc noted small internal hemorrhoids. He also took a few biopsies to check for inflammation. I had a 6 wk period of gastrointestinal upset recently .I was so out of it I don't remember anything , like getting dressed after the procedure or talking with the doc. Somehow I was just dressed and back in the car with my husband. I wasn't out of it like intoxicated, but out of it like amnesia.My husband says awake but trance like. Weird. I believe I had fentanyl and versed.

I have never noticed any bleeding in the toilet before or bleeding on the toilet paper. I thought my diet was great so while things could be worse , the small hems. are annoying. Does anyone know anything about this? I will get a report from the doc in about 2 weeks. I wonder if the small hems pulled down my ferritin level? I wonder if I will need some treatment for the small hems? I am a vegetarian and thought Iwas doing pretty well but seems probably I should increase fiber and fruit and veggies. I get plenty of exercise.and drink tons of water. Also when I go I usually don't have to strain. There have been a few occassions, travelling generally where I had big trouble going- you know away from your own bathroom it is tough! But I suppose these took years to develop???

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