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Hi Osteo :) am just catching up on reading posts as i haven't been able to visit the boards lately.

From reading your post it appears the colonoscopy was well worth it. It's a subject a lot of people dont like to discuss let alone get tests done for. I think females are often far more proactive regarding certain tests compared to males. My partner often tells me that i am far more in touch with my health, whereas he just accepts the fact that he isn't feeling the best and doesn't enquire into why he feels the way he does or why certain things are happening to him. I still can't believe he had a prostate checkup!!

Regarding the diarrhea etc, it's best to keep away from dairy during any gastrointestinal type of upset. It could be something within the culture of the milk which enables the diarrhea to keep occuring. Black tea, dry toast and of all things, green apples are supposed to be great for that type of thing.

With your ferretin, the main thing is that it's not going down. It's not easy building it up to the 70 mark, but look at it this way, you are past the halfway mark :)

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