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Lizzy-Thank you for all of that great information. As I am over 50, my pcp wanted the colonoscopy as a screening and just to be sure there was no internal bleeding.The American Cancer Society recommends a colonoscopy at age 50 . I am glad we went forward with this. I recently learned that my slightly younger brother had a colonoscopy and a stage 6 polyp was found. My other sibling tells me that stage 6 is very serious. The gastroenterologist wanted the pathology report from my brother's doc to determine when I should have my next colonoscopy. So he finds this serious as well.
I hope as you said the small hems are nothing. The 6 week gi upset seemed to have been viral or bacterial, they did a ton of tests and couldn't find the usual suspects. Then I noticed a sensitivity to milk and when I stopped milk the exposive diarrhea stopped. I have since read that this is not unusual to have a viral/bacteria gi upset that then affects the lining of the intestines making a person unable to deal with lactose. My gastro said this could just be the way things are going to be from now on or the situation could change. Basically he says sometimes it goes one way and sometimes another. So, when I feel like it in a few weeks, I can just try milk and see what happens. The approach seems a little odd- but this is what he said.Anyway, the diarrhea for that 6 weeks and the prep for the colonoscopy were tough and I wouldn't be surprised if all that didn't cause the hems. I don't know. My aged mom had hems and they couldn't operate because of her overall health, it would've been better if she had dealt with it earlier. She had bleeding that was bad. I just don't want something to get out of control.
Yes, as a vegetarian my ferritin was not so low probably. And, compared to others here it's not so low. I am hypothyroid also and have been advised and seen also on lab reports when my ferritin moved up I was better able to do the necessary t4 to t3 conversion. So this is a project I do need to work on.The endo wanted to see my ferritin at 70.
I hope your ferritin project is working . I can understand with anemia your doc had to do the colonoscopy regardless of your age. Glad to hear you were ok except for the small hems. and that the doc thought it might be the prep. Did you nail down the cause of your anemia ?

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