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It's now about 48 hours since colonoscopy. I'm ok physically- no bad after effects. Yet, I do not feel very good. I am exhausted and feeling flat, dull,grumpy.Out of it pretty well sums it up. Could it just be the procedure prep with its liquid diet and purging have just plain out depleted me ? I wonder if the osmo prep, or the sedation-fentanyl and versed are leaving me whacked out. I am trying to eat well. Oatmeal, good homemade veggie soup for lunch and probably more of the soup for dinner with a potato. Plenty of water , some juice, some ginger ale. Maybe it will just be a few days. It doesn't seem to be something to call the doctor about. I just wondered if anyone else felt so out of it 48 hours later??
Any suggestions ?
Yesterday I took a nice long walk and I will be heading out soon to do the same. I am thinking some fresh air and movement could work some of this out of my system if it is after effects of the drugs that is getting to me.
Oh and not to be too graphic, but I went this morning and all was ok not exactly as usual but pretty close to it.

As I had said before, after the procedure, I could walk ok but was like in a zombie state. I have no idea how I got dressed, whether I dressed myself or the nurse dressed me. The nurse told me before the procedure that afterwards, she would ask me to sit up on the side of the bed/gurney and that she would give me something to drink and take my bp. I have no recollection of any of that happening. I recall before the procedure , then I am seeing dh and we are walking out. Yesterday I said probably we should have sat for awhile, so I could have gotten it more together. He said we did sit for awhile. Again , no recollection. These are some serious mind altering drugs that they give you! When I had my endoscopy a few months ago, I just came to very clearly and could process information . It was a different doctor, I am going to need to find out what the difference in meds was because this is not a good feeling at all.

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