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Bad News
Oct 15, 2007
My son came home (26yrs old), complained that he had heart palps. Prior he had unrelated chest pain due to muscle strain from his job. I made all the apts and he went and had the testing done. They saw something on the ECHO that they had only seen once before. Saw a Cardiologist and was referred to a teaching hospital in FL. Scary...... We go in for a consult on Tuesday 24th and SX is scheduled for Thursday 25th. It turned out that he has a 1 centimeter heart tumor, on the wall of his heart that has to be removed. This is a rare tumor that effects 1 in 2 million people. I will know more next week. My husband was out in the waiting room when the doctor told him the news, he got sick and almost passed out then they called him is. How terrible I can't believe they told him this alone.

The point of my story is that with all the people on here complaining of heart palpitations and anemia. Please go and check it out don't just think this is due to anemia. When I was anemic and had this happen I had an ECHO to rule out anything. I know a lot of people here DON'T check out these symptoms with a doctor, now I really encourage you to do so. We haven't had anything like this in our family. The internist told him that this is not your heart at your age. But he did check it out anyway.

I'm trying to get my health back after my anemia. I had health anxiety that WAS getting much better until now. I don't feel well enough to handle this but I have no choice.

FYI, if you have symptoms seek medical attention right away. FLFLOWERGIRL

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