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I never had the symptom you describe. Once when I was watching TV, my left hand all on its own did a real fast flip flop. All I could do was stare at it and wonder what the heck was happening. It was before I had a diagnosis and was imagining all sorts of scary possibilities. The constant “current” in my body, and especially in my brain, never got so strong that I felt like I was vibrating. It just felt like I was plugged in and electricity was gently flowing through me. Once in awhile it would flare up and zap me. Sometimes it was totally focused in my head and it made me horribly nauseous. I can tell you that I’ve read of other people with B12 deficiency feeling like they were vibrating, so it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what’s causing your vibrations. One leg symptom I did have constantly was twitching in my thighs. Ugh! That seems to have gone away, but now I sometimes have twitching in my rear end! And if I went outside when it was hot, it felt like someone was snapping rubber bands against my legs. Now what I’m dealing with in relation to my legs is sometimes they get really weak and feel heavy. That’s a scary one. All I can say is, it seems the more bizarre the symptom, and you have a B12 deficiency, the more likely it is that it’s caused by the deficiency. I hope this helps.

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